After School – 5:30PM


*Limited space available!*

Learn karate after school! Our program runs every school day (excluding early dismissals & school closures.) This training program is perfect for first-timers and seasoned karate practitioners alike! Open to Highland Elementary & Middle School students only.

Karate is perfect for kids to get in shape, build confidence, help improve their focus in school, and learn discipline & respect. With the added benefit of the school bus drop-off, it can seriously put the “E” in EASY for busy parents trying to fit it ALL in their schedules. Plus, we keep your kids so busy they won’t even notice that they haven’t touched their electronic devices all afternoon!

Includes bus drop-off, daily karate lessons, homework & study time, snacks, game time, and YOU not having to lift a finger!

2 Days/Week…………….$150/month

3 Days/Week…………….$200/month

5 Days/Week…………….$250/month

email us at:

call us at: 845-264-0995

Or just stop by for more info & to sign up!

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