Alright so it’s finally almost time! With our camp starting next week I wanted to clarify our new procedures to help things run safely and smoothly this year. The COVID-19 threat has gone down significantly, but it is still our greatest concern, and we have enacted the following policies to minimize the risk factors & keep our students and families safe:

1. Drop Off / Pick Up:

• Drop Off – 8:45 to 9:15am
• Drop off will occur outside the dojo on the sidewalk.
• All students/parents will need to wear masks.
• Only campers will be allowed to enter the dojo, all parents/family members must wait outside.
• Please limit to 1 person picking up/dropping off campers. All others should wait in your vehicle.
• In the event of congestion, we ask that you either wait your turn inside your vehicle, or form a line starting at the door going towards the church with 6 feet distance between families.
• All staff/campers must pass a health screening each day to be admitted to camp.
• If you or your camper exhibit symptoms or are sick (with any illness, not just COVID-19), please stay home, and inform us immediately
• Pick up – 4:00 to 4:30pm
• Again, parents/family members will not be allowed to enter the dojo.
• Please text/call upon arrival so we can prepare your camper for departure.
• Please wait inside your vehicles or form a line down the sidewalk with 6 foot distance between families.
• Please wear masks when picking up or dropping off campers.
• On the first day of each session, families will be assigned a drop off / pick up timeslot to avoid crowding 

2. Camper Equipment – Please ensure your camper brings the following supplies every day:

• Backpack or duffle bag
• Face mask! (Students will not be allowed into camp without one)
• Socks & running shoes
• Bag lunch
• Water bottle
• Sunscreen (spray on only, no lotion)
• Karate uniform
• Swim suit & towel (on applicable days)
Please pack everything into 1 bag if possible to help us keep everyone organized!

3. Camper safety:

• Hand sanitizer/washing stations set up in the dojo
• Social distance markers set up on the mat
• Locker room use will be done in shifts with disinfecting between uses
• Scheduled hand washing breaks between activities
• Mask use is mandatory while indoors and whenever physical distancing standards cannot be met
• Campers will be provided individual equipment, and shared equipment will be disinfected between uses
• Karate training will be exclusively non-contact
• Campers will be placed in static groups for the duration of camp session to minimize contact/crossover
• Vehicle transportation will be used minimally. Campers will be required to wear masks at all times and will have assigned seating. Vehicles are to be disinfected between uses
• The dojo facilities are to be disinfected before & after each day of camp
• Restrooms are to be disinfected between uses
• CAMPERS & FAMILY MEMBERS: While your child is enrolled in camp, it is important to continue to practice common sense and follow all safety guidelines. We cannot in good faith require all families to quarantine themselves for the duration of camp, but please be aware that any risks you take outside of camp could directly affect everyone in attendance. We ask that you please refrain from unnecessary social engagements throughout your camp session, and to follow all health and safety guidelines. 

4. Outdoor/Aquatics activities:

• We will have use of the town fields and Berean Park, as well as several local hiking trails. We hope to add more activities as they become available
• Campers/staff will not be permitted to interact with other people outside of camp
• Masks will not be allowed while swimming, so social distancing rules will be in effect
• Camp staff will assist lifeguards in monitoring swim play
• Toys and sports equipment may be shared, with disinfecting between uses by different groups
• Campers/staff will adhere to strict hand hygiene schedule & routine between using shared items
• All staff & campers will be trained in proper social-distancing etiquette while in public spaces, and be required to adhere to said etiquette 

5. Rainy day policies:

• In the event of poor weather we will hold camp inside the dojo
• Mask use will be mandatory at all times within the dojo, except when social distancing requirements can be satisfied
• Staff & campers will be required to adhere to social-distance markers on the mat
• Campers will be placed in static groups for the duration of the camp session to minimize exposure
• Staff is to disinfect all areas of common use before & after camp, and between activities of high usage
• Campers will be provided individual use items and equipment whenever possible, and shared items will be disinfected between uses

6. Staff policies: 

• Camp staff are required to wear masks at all times that physical distancing parameters cannot be met
• Staff must adhere to strict hand hygiene schedule & routine
• Campers will be assigned to one staff member and group for the duration of their camp session
• Staff undergoes testing before camp begins
• Staff is to quarantine as much as possible while not at camp
Please note that failure to adhere to these policies can result in expulsion from camp. Please go over our policies with your camper(s) before they start camp. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for clarification!

Thank you for helping us keep our campers safe so they can have an awesome summer at Bushiken Karate Summer Camp 2020!

Sensei Dan Paradies
Assistant Chief Instructor
Bushiken Karate
62 Vineyard Ave.
Highland, NY 12528